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As we do not prepare account, or offer tax return compliance services, we are in a position to help you with tax related matters, with no risk to your ongoing relationship with your clients.

Having both the highest level of HMRC training (CPT FTII), and the highest level of professional tax qualifications (CTA), we are in a position to truly understand both sides of the fence” when dealing with tax matters. In terms of investigations, we know HMRCs tactics. We can also advise on the level of risk of HMRC challenge on tax planning methods.

Investigation Work

We can handle HMRC investigations in the manner which most suits you and your client, either taking over the investigation in full, or drafting letters which are sent to the client (and HMRC) on your own headed paper.

We can offer full support throughout an investigation, or provide advice at any stage.

Depending on the nature of the investigation, different approaches may be suited to different investigation types, and we will recommend which approach we think will obtain the best result for you and your client.


If your client has an issue that needs disclosing to HMRC, we can advise on the most appropriate manner on dealing with this.

Specific Advice

We can provide one-off advice in respect of significant business or personal transactions, and advise of potentially more tax efficient alternatives. We can also provide a second opinion for the advice you are giving.

General Advice

We can act as your virtual tax partner, removing the need for you to employ a full-time tax partner if your client base does not warrant this.

Conflict of Interest Work

Where there are matters of potential conflict (such as Management Buy-outs, shareholder changes, or employee issues) we can represent one party to the transaction, with no risk of the loss of your client to us for other services as we do not undertake general accountancy or business compliance work.

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