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If you are subject to HMRC investigation, and do not have specialist support we can work with you and your existing accountant to ensure the best possible outcome.

Investigation Work

Tax investigations can be time consuming and stressful to deal with.

When HMRC open an investigation, they will often have specific information causing them to think there may be issues with your tax return (even if that information proves to be incorrect).

Having been trained to HMRC’s highest level we know how HMRC approach investigations, the tactics they use, and when they are acting outside their remit. We know if they are entitled to the information they are asking for, and when their assumptions should be challenged.

By putting this knowledge to good use, we can often significantly reduce both the tax HMRC believe is payable, and the time it can take to resolve the investigation.

Depending on the nature of the investigation, we can work directly for you, or alongside your existing accountant, to provide confidential, non-judgemental advice.

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