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Specialist Tax Services

We provide specialist tax investigation and tax advisory services predominantly in Teesside, Darlington and the surrounding areas.

Expert Advice

Our principal has almost a decades experience as a senior inspector at HMRC and more than 5 years as a tax manager, then tax partner, at a well respected local firm.

She has had both HMRC’s highest level of training, and is a Chartered Tax Adviser, so is well versed in seeing both sides of an argument. Taking a non-judgemental approach she can help resolve issues with HMRC, whilst also ensuring that any eventual tax, interest and penalties are minimised.

Professional Tax Qualification

She is believed to be the only person specifically practising in this region with this expertise, and indeed is one of very few nationally who have both HMRC’s highest level of training along with a professional tax qualification.


We support accountants and their clients in dealing with HMRC investigations, complex tax matters and conflict of interest situations.
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We advise on the tax implications of Corporate transactions, Property transactions, and Inheritance Tax and Trusts.

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Companies & Individuals

We provide specialist support and work with you and your existing accountant to ensure the best possible outcome from HMRC investigations.

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Tax Investigations

Tax investigations can be time consuming and stressful to deal with. When HMRC open an investigation, they will often have specific information causing them to think there may be issues with tax returns (even if the information proves to be incorrect).

Having been trained to HMRC’s highest level we know how HMRC approach investigations, the tactics they will use, and when they are acting outside their remit. By putting this knowledge to good use, we can often significantly reduce both the tax HMRC believe is payable, and the time it can take to resolve the investigation.

On taking over an investigation, we will give a realistic view on the potential timescales involved, and the cost of dealing with the matter.

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Tax advice and planning

Our principal has undertaken the Highest level of HMRC training, and is a Chartered Tax adviser (CTA). As such she has detailed knowledge of tax legislation and case law. She can take an objective view of advice, not only providing the highest level of technical advice, but also giving a view on the level of risk of challenge from HMRC on grey areas.

We can provide advice in respect of:

Corporation Tax and Income Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax

Tax advantaged share schemes for employees

Tax advantaged arrangements for investors

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