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We advise on the tax implications of Corporate transactions, Property transactions, and Inheritance Tax and Trusts.

Depending on the nature of the transaction we can be engaged by your client directly, or engaged by you so you can pass on the advice. We can also support you and your clients where there is an existing tax adviser who is in a potential conflict of interest position.

Corporate Transactions

Where you are dealing with a corporate transactions (such as management buy-outs and purchases of own shares), and the accountant acting is not confident in their tax knowledge, we can work with the existing accountant to advise on the transaction, with no threat to their ongoing relationship with the client.

In cases where there are potential conflict of interest due to the same accountant acting for both sides to a transaction, we can advise one side, and minimise the risk to the existing client of involving another accountant.

Property Transactions

We can advise on the corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax, Inheritance tax and SDLT consequences of property transactions providing an overall view of the tax position, and ensuring that one type of tax is not inappropriately prioritised over other taxes.

Inheritance Tax and trusts

We can advise on methods of minimising IHT for your clients, whether by developing an overall approach to IHT minimisation in specific cases, or advising on aspects of planning you are advising your clients to put in place.

Issues with HMRC

We know that sometimes clients approach their solicitors when they have issues with HMRC, particularly if they feel their own accountants are not confident in dealing with the matter. In such cases we can meet with your clients, and discuss either dealing with the issue fully on their behalf, or working with their existing accountant to ensure the optimum overall result is achieved.

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